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Electribrary is an online database of free electribes instruments files, patterns, livesets and more. Nowadays we live in a software-dominated world, which makes hardware samplers *FUN* again. With today's webtechnology, we are joining past and present resources to aid our musicmaking pleasure. Simply use the webplayers and let the samples flow into your Electribe using your smartphone or laptop. All this love is done by- and for the hardware enthousiasts community

Sega mastersystem for esx
Sega crunchiness now available for your Korg electribe ESX.

The Sega Master System (commonly referred to as the SMS) was an 8-bit third-generation video game console that was made by Sega and released in 1985 in Japan, 1986 in the US and 1987 in Europe. The Sega Master System was Sega's competitor to the NES by Nintendo. Not only did the SMS take cartridges, but small cards as well. While the graphics were particularly better on the Sega Master System than the NES, the NES had a better sound chip. Later, the Sega Game Gear was released, which was essentially a portable Sega Master System that competed with Nintendo's GameBoy. Sega's mascot got his first debut on the Master System, Sonic the Hedgehog, who is basically Sega's equivalent of Mario.

Customized ESX pack made by button (contact him on korgforums.com)

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Writerly mistabishi emx liveset
this is the .emx file which mistabishi used on his liveset @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SA-Z1gsrRc

pretty impressive stuff

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New electribes 2014
new electribes will be shipping in november 2014!2

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Howto do chords on esx..fast!
checkout the electribrary : http://electribrary.2webapp.com
my website: http://www.leondustar.nl
and my facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leon.dustar

the korg electribe esx is monophonic..or not? Well yes and no..here's how to easily create polyphonic chords. 
Happy electribing!

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Howto swell sounds during transitions
it *IS* possible to have soundoverlap between patterns. here a small demonstration of a one way of doing that. This is just a simple demonstration, if both patterns share the same tempo, one can easily resample a loop, and have it cascade into the next pattern.
Key points: create a looped sound, use keyboardpart 1 or 2, put 'eg time' at 75%, and make sure the next pattern is not triggering any notes (it will break the sound from the previous pattern).ofcoarse using loops etc).

tutorial swell audioengineering electribe esx tutorial sweep